Forbidden Office Affair: Succumbing to Sensual Desires with My Boss

I am a 28-year-old office lady (OL). I was suddenly assigned to a small branch office in a quiet rural town for a six-month stint, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Although I felt anxious about the new environment, I was also filled with a sense of anticipation. This small branch office had only eight employees, and I was sent there to support their work.

The first day started off in a friendly atmosphere, and in the evening, a welcome party was held. The employees were easy to get along with, and the drinking party was cheerful and lively. However, as the alcohol flowed, their true feelings began to surface, and their dissatisfaction with the Tokyo head office was directed at me. I was rescued from this sudden onslaught by the 48-year-old branch manager, Mr. Tanaka. He was a dashing man, reminiscent of Hiroshi Tachi, and he had the trust of his subordinates.

“Come on, it’s not her fault,” Mr. Tanaka soothed everyone and sent me home in a taxi. The next day, seeing the employees apologize to me made me feel a bit reassured about their character.

The work mainly involved handing over tasks to the head office, and there were many nights of business entertainment. Mr. Tanaka always looked out for me and stayed until the end of these late-night gatherings. Gradually, the distance between us narrowed, and along with my growing trust in him, a secret admiration began to blossom.

One night, there was an especially important business meeting with a client. It started with dinner at a high-end restaurant and continued to a second round at a club. Champagne and wine were served one after another, and I became increasingly drunk. After seeing off the client, I got into a taxi and lost consciousness.

When I woke up, I found myself in a hotel room. My head was foggy, and I saw Mr. Tanaka with his face buried between my legs. Overwhelmed by nausea, I rushed to the toilet and threw up repeatedly. While I was vomiting, Mr. Tanaka comforted me by rubbing my back. However, in the next moment, he lifted my hips and inserted himself from behind. The shock and pleasure overwhelmed me, and despite my nausea, I reached an intense climax.

Afterward, Mr. Tanaka carried me to the bath. As he gently washed my body in the warm water and his lips touched my neck, I was once again swept away by waves of pleasure. His hands teased my nipples, and his tongue caressed my clitoris, making it impossible for me to control my reactions.

“More…” I whispered unconsciously, to which Mr. Tanaka responded by continuing to trail his tongue over my body. When his fingers entered me and moved rhythmically, I couldn’t hold back my moans. As his movements became more intense, my pleasure reached its peak.

“I’m coming…!” I screamed as I climaxed repeatedly. His fingers never stopped, and I drowned in the continuous waves of ecstasy. Mr. Tanaka then removed his fingers and replaced them with his thick, hard penis. As he entered me, I was enveloped in even deeper pleasure.

As he moved inside me, the rhythmic thrusts made my whole body tremble. I began moving my hips in sync with him, and as his thrusts became more intense, I climaxed again. Afterward, he positioned me on top, guiding me to ride him. I moved my hips steadily, feeling his penis inside me with each movement. With his hands supporting my hips, the motion became more intense, and I reached another peak of pleasure.

In the morning, as we prepared to part ways, Mr. Tanaka took out his smartphone and showed me a video of myself drunkenly begging for his penis. Shocked and speechless, I pleaded for him to delete the footage. However, Mr. Tanaka calmly told me, “If you don’t want this video to be shown to the other employees, come here next Friday just like this,” forcing me into compliance.

After returning to the head office, I couldn’t forget the intense pleasure I experienced with Mr. Tanaka. Even with a new boyfriend, I felt a sense of dissatisfaction. I couldn’t suppress the erotic desires within me.