Secret Affairs: Forbidden Night with Elite Housewives

A few years ago, I was invited by some colleagues to a mixer with a group of housewives in their late 30s. We booked a private room at a hidden restaurant in Tokyo. When we arrived, the women were already there, dressed in designer clothes and exuding an air of wealth and sophistication. Their makeup was a bit heavy, but they were undeniably beautiful and elegant.

As we started our meal, the conversation began with work and school topics, but as the alcohol flowed, the discussion shifted to sex with our spouses. M, who resembled Yumiko Shaku, laughed as she confessed that she had never had an orgasm with her husband since their arranged marriage when she was 23. Her husband worked at a major urban bank, had little sexual experience, and was apparently a mama’s boy with premature ejaculation issues.

Colleague A said, “That must be unsatisfying.” M replied, “Yes, it is.” Tall, fair-skinned K quickly added, “M cheats occasionally, so…” B asked, “Where and what kind of cheating?” K teased, “That’s a secret, but she does it in various ways.”

I turned to N and asked, “What about you?” N smiled and said, “I can’t say such things.” N was my type—her slender figure, smooth long hair, and refined facial features set her apart from M and K.

After dinner, we moved to a karaoke bar. I was lucky to sit next to N. As we sang and drank more, N whispered in my ear, “Did you know A and M are having an affair?” I was shocked. “Really? I had no idea!” Their behavior in the karaoke bar suddenly made sense.

Around 11 PM, K suggested it was time to leave. As we exited the bar, M approached me and said, “Take care of N tonight.” I wondered if this meant I could take N home. Trying to maintain my gentlemanly facade, I struggled with my desires.

I asked N, “Where do you live?” Coincidentally, it was on my way home. “I’ll take a taxi and drop you off,” I offered. N smiled, “I’m driving tonight. Want to come with me?” We walked to her car in a nearby parking lot, and during the walk, I learned more about her. She had no children and lived alone because her husband was on an overseas assignment.

In the car, I immediately embraced N. At first, she resisted slightly but soon became more active. We left the parking lot to avoid being seen. When we arrived at her apartment building’s parking lot, N asked, “Would you like to come up for a drink?” I eagerly agreed.

Once inside her apartment, N started to change clothes. She wore a white camisole with no bra, her nipples visibly erect, and short shorts that showed off her slender, beautiful legs. “Would you like a beer?” she asked, but my mind was solely focused on her.

I embraced her from behind as she opened the fridge, squeezing her breasts and kissing her neck. “Wait, let me take a shower first…” she started to say, but I continued to caress her. Pulling down her shorts revealed a black thong that intensified my arousal. N’s breathing grew heavy, and she leaned over the kitchen counter, offering her ass to me.

I tore off her thong and slid a finger into her pussy. “Ahh… ahh… please, put it in, please,” she begged. I decided to tease her a bit. “N, masturbate for me,” I ordered. “I can’t… please, put it in,” she pleaded, grabbing my cock and trying to guide it into herself.

“Not until I see you masturbate,” I insisted. N reluctantly started touching her clit, clearly aroused. As she did, she became weak and sank to the floor. “Please, put it in,” she begged again. “Not yet. Suck my cock first,” I commanded.

N gave me an incredible blowjob, almost making me come, but I held back. Watching her suck me while fingering herself drove me wild. Just as I was about to enter her, N climaxed, her body shaking with orgasmic spasms. Seeing this, I grew even more aroused and began eating her out.

I licked and fingered her, driving her wild. “Please… put it in… please,” she moaned. My own limits were near, so I had her brace against the counter and took her from behind. Each thrust made her voice louder, her body tensing with pleasure.

I intended to pull out, but N insisted, “Cum inside… please, inside…” At her urging, I ejaculated deeply inside her. N collapsed onto the floor, and my semen dripped out of her. She scooped it up with her fingers and tasted it. “Delicious, I want more,” she purred.

We moved to the bedroom and continued. N rode me, grinding her hips and moaning in pleasure. She leaned forward, her breasts brushing against my chest, as she whispered, “More… deeper…”

She began touching her clit as she rode me, her movements growing more intense. I pinched and teased her nipples, matching her rhythm. “Feels so good… right there… more…” she gasped, nearing another climax. Her body trembled, and she cried out, “I’m coming… I’m coming…”

She reached a powerful orgasm, her entire body shaking. As she climaxed, I released inside her once more. We continued, driven by our mutual desire, until we were both exhausted and satisfied.