Rekindling Desire: A Forbidden Affair

My sexless life had been continuing. Our “first sex of the year” happened only around May. In such a situation, I was naturally irritated and sexually frustrated. However, one day, an unexpected turn of events occurred.

One day in September, a department head at a delivery destination suddenly asked, “Could you give me your cell phone number?” He was 35 years old, young and successful, with a charming smile. His eyes were sharp yet conveyed a certain kindness. I was 43, known in the area as a slender, fair-skinned woman with beautiful breasts. At first, I laughed it off, but I felt like a middle school girl, my heart pounding, almost as if I were falling in love.

One day, while having a chat at the delivery site, he suddenly hugged me from behind. At that moment, I lost all sense of reason and got completely carried away. Before I knew it, I handed him my business card with my cell phone number on it. That very day, he called me, but I avoided meeting him alone.

Eventually, I gave in and agreed to go to his office. The moment I stepped in, he pulled me close and kissed me passionately. When his lips touched mine, my entire body trembled. I was so intoxicated by his words that I offered no resistance as he easily laid me down.

“This isn’t a good place for this…” My mind was filled with the fear of being caught. Sensing my unease, he asked while undressing me, “Should we stop here, or should I lock the door?”

The fear of someone coming in was stronger, so I asked him to lock the door. Once we were in a locked room, he seriously started to caress my body. He kissed me intensely, and I eagerly swallowed the saliva he poured into my mouth. By the time he gently nibbled on my nipples, I was desperate to make love.

When his hand tried to enter my underwear, I resisted. I was embarrassed to show how much I was feeling. Pressing my hands down, he slipped his hand into my underwear. “You’re so sensitive…” he said as he pinched my clitoris and let his fingers wander to my anus.

By that time, I was letting my juices flow down to my buttocks and eagerly performing fellatio. When I took his hard member into my mouth, its warmth and size made my whole body tremble. Feeling it grow harder and bigger, my body burned with desire. “I can’t wait any longer…” I thought as I climbed on top of him. In a woman-on-top position, feeling him inside me, I was enveloped in waves of pleasure.

His hands firmly supported my hips, moving in sync with me, and with every vigorous thrust inside me, my entire body shook, and my breath became ragged. I placed my hands on his chest, looking into his eyes, surrendering to the pleasure.

“More… harder…” I moaned, and he moved even more vigorously. Responding to his movements, I got closer to climax. His hands touched my breasts, further arousing me. With every tweak of my nipples, my body became even more sensitive, wrapped in a sensation of trembling.

I continued to move my hips, responding to his intense movements. His member reached deep inside me, and I drowned in the pleasure. His hot breath on my ear made my body even hotter.

In that moment, we climaxed together. His member throbbed inside me, and my body shook with pleasure. Panting, I looked at his face. His eyes were filled with satisfaction and affection.

“Thank you…” I whispered. He gently hugged me, and we held each other for a while. In that moment, I felt truly alive.

Not receiving attention from my husband, I felt like I had regained my womanhood. At that moment, I realized I was eagerly awaiting another rendezvous with him. That night’s memory was deeply etched in my heart, igniting the flames of a forbidden love.