Forbidden Neighborly Love: A Wife’s First Night of Pleasure

A few months after moving into our newly built home, I, Eri, 35, found myself adapting to our new life. My husband, an elite at a major company, was often busy with work and rarely home. Little did I know that our new neighbor, a 31-year-old man, would become an unexpected presence in my life.

He appeared to be a sincere and kind man, but his gaze lingered on my body, awakening dormant desires deep within me. From the first greeting, his eyes were drawn to my chest and legs, reminding me of my femininity I had long forgotten.

In the course of our daily lives, each accidental touch heightened a quiet excitement within me. One day, hearing that his wife Misako was visiting her family, I saw an opportunity. Late that night, with my husband away on a business trip, I took a homemade curry and rang his doorbell.

“I made some curry. Would you like to eat together?” I asked, surprised at my own boldness. “I heard your wife is away tonight,” I added, hinting at the solitude we both shared.

He hesitated but invited me in. We enjoyed dinner and drinks in the living room, the evening passing pleasantly. As the conversation flowed, I felt his eyes on my body once more, a silent thrill running through me.

“My shoulders have been so stiff lately,” I sighed, almost without thinking. He immediately offered, “Would you like a massage? I can help.”

I hesitated for a moment, then nodded, welcoming the touch I had secretly longed for.

The moment his hands touched my back, an electric sensation coursed through me. His fingers moved from my shoulders to my waist, and my body responded instinctively. When his hands grazed the edge of my bra, I held my breath.

“That feels so good… please, don’t stop,” I murmured. Emboldened, his hands roamed more boldly, sliding from my shoulders to my waist, exploring my body. When his fingers brushed my clitoris, a wave of uncontrollable pleasure washed over me.

“You’re so sensitive… your hands are like magic,” I whispered, surrendering to his touch. He continued, undeterred, and I gave myself over to him. He slipped off my sleeveless dress and bra top, caressing my entire body with increasing intensity.

“More… touch me more,” I pleaded. His hands explored every inch of me, and I was soon engulfed in waves of pleasure. He, too, abandoned his restraint, seeking my body with his own, and I responded in kind.

The moment he entered me, my body trembled. As he moved, I trembled with pleasure, my gasps growing louder with each thrust.

“I’m coming… I can’t take it…” I cried out. He didn’t stop, and we became one. As we climaxed together, his body shuddered within me, and he held me close.

“That was the best night ever… let’s do this again,” I whispered to him. He smiled, clearly anticipating the continuation of our secret relationship. I, too, felt a thrill at the thought of what was to come. This night’s events had awakened a new desire within me, promising many more secret nights of passion.