Forbidden Night Shift: The Hidden Desires of a Demure Nurse and Secret Pleasures

I am an 18-year-old high school senior and captain of the basketball team. Thanks to basketball, I’m 185cm tall and often told I resemble Koike Teppei. The reason for my first hospital stay was a ligament injury I sustained during a game.

As I prepared for my hospital stay, I had a small hope that something special might happen. That hope became reality when I met my attending nurse, Yuki, a 43-year-old veteran nurse. She was demure, beautiful, and had an exceptional figure, like a graceful statue.

Initially, I started with casual conversations to break the ice. Yuki-san had a youthful aura and an approachable demeanor, making our conversations enjoyable. Her soothing voice and elegant mannerisms brought me comfort.

After two weeks of hospitalization, I decided to take the next step. I frequently used the night call button to summon her on her night shifts, aiming to spend more time with her. At first, she was a bit irritated, but eventually, she started coming to get me at a set time.

In the stillness of the night, alone in the quiet lobby, my excitement grew. Those who have experienced hospitalization might understand this feeling. As time passed, my attraction to Yuki-san deepened.

On a Friday night, I discovered an erotic movie was scheduled to air late at night. I saw this as my chance. As the movie began and the erotic scene approached, I pressed the call button, summoning Yuki-san while wearing headphones and pretending to watch the movie.

Yuki-san arrived, and I started pleasuring myself in front of her. She seemed surprised but quickly composed herself. “This is a shared room. What if someone wakes up?” she scolded, but then said, “Come with me.”

She led me to the nurse’s break room, a simple room with a single bed. Once inside, she transformed. “Lie down,” she commanded with a cold voice, and I obeyed.

Yuki-san mounted me, starting with a deep kiss, her tongue expertly exploring my mouth. She then moved down, teasing my nipples before sliding lower. Her hands reached my groin, and she gave me a knowing smile.

When her lips touched my tip, a jolt of electricity ran through me. She skillfully used her tongue, treating my penis like a precious object, guiding me to the peak of pleasure. Her rhythmic movements made me moan uncontrollably.

“More… more…” I begged, and her actions became more intense. Her eyes, filled with a mix of purity and raw desire, locked onto mine as she continued. Yuki-san’s mouth released me, and she straddled me, lowering herself onto my throbbing member.

Her movements were slow at first, then gradually increased in pace. Her beautiful face contorted with pleasure, revealing her hidden wild side. With each thrust, she reached new heights of ecstasy, her body shuddering repeatedly.

“I’ve never felt this way… ever…” she gasped, her voice filled with desperation. Her body quaked, and each climax brought her immense satisfaction, her expression a blend of elegance and lust.

Afterward, Yuki-san smiled, “You’re amazing. I’ve never felt this good.” Her words brought me relief and joy, realizing our shared moments were truly special.

From that night on, Yuki-san visited me often. During the quiet hours, she would slip into my room, and we would indulge in our secret pleasures. Her oral skills were always meticulous, knowing my body inside and out. Her demure exterior belied the deep eroticism within her.

As my discharge day approached, Yuki-san suggested a special last night together. That night, she was more passionate than ever, and we lost ourselves in each other’s bodies. Her movements grew more intense, revealing the wild side beneath her serene facade.

“This is our last time, so make me feel it,” she pleaded, her voice tinged with longing. I responded with deeper, more forceful thrusts, and she shuddered with multiple climaxes, her body and face reflecting her dual nature of beauty and lasciviousness.

My relationship with Yuki-san became a cherished memory. Her blend of demure elegance and raw lust left a lasting impression on me. On the day of my discharge, I thanked her, carrying our secret with me as I left the hospital.