The Forbidden Night: Unveiling Secrets Between My Wife and Subordinate

Chapter 1: The Glory and Shadow of the Bubble Era
Over 15 years ago, during the height of Japan’s bubble economy, I was a university graduate on the verge of entering the workforce. It was a time when employment was plentiful, even for graduates from second-tier universities like mine. Although my first choice was a major corporation, I succumbed to the aggressive hospitality of a mid-sized company and ended up joining a moderately-sized printing company.

Driven by admiration for intricate work and craftsmanship, I often chose challenging tasks that prioritized precision over profit, working late into the night. Meanwhile, my colleagues outsourced their work, reaping hefty margins with minimal effort. My boss criticized me for my inefficiency, which dampened my spirits.

Chapter 2: Encounters and Transformations
Amidst these circumstances, my sole source of solace was Aiko from the typesetting shop. She was lively and had a charming smile. To see her, I found excuses to visit the shop daily. Despite my diminishing confidence at work, I lacked the courage to confess my feelings to her.

One day, an earth-shattering event occurred—the collapse of the bubble economy. With it, my position within the company transformed. The opportunistic colleagues were laid off, while my reputation for handling difficult tasks enhanced my standing. I finally mustered the courage to confess to Aiko, only to discover that her shop was closing and she was planning to return to her hometown. We began dating just in time, and soon after, I proposed to her, anticipating a future filled with happiness.

Chapter 3: Shadows Creeping In
As my position improved, one subordinate stood by me through thick and thin. He was a high school graduate and a former baseball player. His father knew the company president, and he was hired as a favor. Isolated, he gravitated towards me, and his diligent work ethic, stemming from his athletic background, impressed me. His girlfriend was also beautiful and fair-skinned.

One weekend, she visited the office during a holiday shift. As my career advanced, he shared in my joy, and I trusted him deeply. We often drank together late into the night. On one such night, we drank heavily, even though I had an early start the next day. Since his home was far, I invited him to stay at mine, and my wife, who was also athletic and straightforward, agreed without hesitation.

Chapter 4: The Crumbling Restraint
My wife and he bonded over stories from their high school sports days. Seeing my trusted subordinate and wife happily chatting made me happy. At home, my wife continued serving drinks, and we drank heavily. As the weakest drinker, I soon dozed off by the kotatsu. My wife covered me with a blanket and resumed her conversation with him.

As I drifted in and out of sleep, he remarked, “My girlfriend has small breasts. Your wife’s are big.” My wife playfully responded, “It’s not about the breasts; it’s about the heart,” and emphasized her ample chest.

Chapter 5: Crossing the Forbidden Line
Jokingly, he said, “Just once, can I touch them?” My wife, also jokingly, said, “Alright, just a little.” “Really?” he asked, extending his hand, both assuming it was all in jest. But their differing perceptions led to a critical mistake.

My wife expected him to stop short, and he thought she would evade his touch. His hand ended up on her full chest, eliciting a small gasp from her. Instinctively, he began to fondle her. She let out soft, troubled moans, while I, now fully awake, found myself unable to shout “Stop!” Looking back, I realized I wanted her to reject him herself.

Chapter 6: Unrestrained Desire
His other hand moved to join the first. He continued to knead her breasts through her sweatshirt. “Stop it!” I screamed internally, but no sound emerged. My wife, in a strained voice, said, “That’s enough. You’ve had your fun.” She tried to push him away, but he, being much stronger, easily overpowered her. “I need to feel them directly,” he said, now behind her, lifting her effortlessly and slipping his hands under her sweatshirt.

“Aaah… ungh… no,” she whimpered, likely trying to avoid drawing my attention. I felt paralyzed, torn between grabbing a knife from the kitchen and staying frozen, my heart pounding violently.

Chapter 7: Collapse of the Night
He pulled up her sweatshirt and began sucking on her nipples. Everything I had built in my life crumbled in that moment. She moaned softly, then suddenly let out a louder, more unrestrained moan. He slid his hand into her jeans, seemingly stroking her. The sound of her zipper coming down filled the room. “Are they really going to go all the way with me lying here?” I thought, on the verge of madness.

He pulled her jeans down, exposing her cute, well-shaped buttocks. “No, please, no,” she whispered. His massive body overshadowed her petite frame. When he dropped his pants, an enormous erection stood out. Her vagina glistened, waiting for his penetration. “I was paralyzed, watching it all.”

Grasping his member, he positioned it at her entrance and thrust in. She gripped the table tightly, her toes curling as she adjusted to his size. He pulled out and thrust again, harder. She groaned in agony. He grabbed her hips, driving in deeply, eliciting a scream from her. The table creaked with each thrust, oranges rolling off it. His breathing grew heavier, and with a muffled groan, he ejaculated deep inside her, holding her hips tightly.

He continued to thrust several more times, savoring the sensation before withdrawing. A thick, milky fluid spilled onto the floor. He sat back, panting, while my wife remained bent over, hands on the kotatsu, covered in his semen.

He quickly gathered his things, saying, “I shouldn’t stay here. I’ll leave.” My wife saw him to the door. What were they discussing? Were they making a pact to keep this secret? It didn’t matter. Our marriage was over.

When she returned, I stood staring at her. She understood everything without a word. We barely spoke afterwards and soon divorced. She, feeling too ashamed to return to her hometown, hadn’t contacted her parents. Her father eventually reached out to my office, not knowing about our divorce.

Our house was too large for one person, so I moved quickly. I gave her father her new address and phone number, having no desire to speak with her again. He later sent a long, handwritten apology, but I couldn’t bear to read it.

The trusted subordinate left the company soon after. “I’m leaving my wife,” he said. “Be good to her.” He seemed to understand the gravity of what happened. I didn’t keep track of him after that.

Chapter 8: Unraveling the Forbidden
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