Secret Desires with the Neighbor: An Erotic Night with a Chaste Housewife and a College Student

A few months ago, Hiko (42 years old) moved into the family-type apartment next door. She had a slender and chaste demeanor, a beautiful and refined woman. In contrast, I was a college student living alone in a one-room apartment.

One night, on my way back from a drinking party, I ran into Hiko at a nearby convenience store. We started talking and walked home together. She was a bit drunk and opened up about her son’s marriage, her husband and child staying at her parents’ house tonight, and various other topics. There was a hint of loneliness in her eyes.

At that moment, Hiko mentioned, “I have trouble with my computer settings.” Fueled by my drunken courage, I offered, “Shall I help you with that?” She looked relieved and said, “Really? That would be a great help.” So, I ended up going to her house.

Upon entering her apartment, I started working on her computer settings. As she leaned over my shoulder to look, I caught a glimpse of her blouse’s neckline. When she bent forward, I could see her beautiful, white chest through the gap in her blouse, and her nipple was slightly visible through the floating cups. My heart raced, and although I tried to focus on the computer settings, my eyes were irresistibly drawn to her chest.

After finishing the setup, Hiko said, “Thank you so much. I should do something to repay you,” as she made coffee in the kitchen. Watching her from behind, my heart pounded with excitement. Her chaste appearance contrasted with the undeniable allure of her body.

“Would you like me to explain more in detail?” I asked. She looked slightly surprised but responded, “Really? That would help a lot.”

As she sat next to me, looking at the computer screen together, my hand touched hers. Her skin was smooth and warm, and my heartbeat quickened. Our eyes met, and a moment of silence passed.

“Thank you, you really saved me,” she said with a warm smile. That smile, filled with both loneliness and warmth, drew me in, and before I knew it, my lips were on hers. She was surprised but did not resist, accepting my kiss.

As the kiss deepened, our breathing became ragged, and her hand reached for my pants. When her hand touched my hardening member, I let out a slight moan. She smiled gently and led me to the living room sofa.

“Let me take care of you a little,” she said softly, pulling down my pants and beginning to stroke me gently. Her fingers moved softly, further arousing my desire. Gradually, she began using her mouth, and the warmth and softness made my whole body shiver with pleasure.

Hiko’s fellatio was careful, as if she was enjoying my reactions. I gently stroked her hair, losing myself in the warmth of her mouth. After she satisfied me, she looked up and said, “Now, please, feel me.”

I guided her to the balcony, laying her down gently. As I removed her dress, her beautiful, white breasts were exposed, and I was captivated by their beauty.

“I want your lips on me,” she said shyly. I brought my lips to her nipples, sucking gently. Her reactions were sensitive, and she let out small sounds every time my tongue touched her nipples. I caressed her body, gradually moving downward.

Removing her underwear, I began to give her cunnilingus. She writhed shyly at first, but as my tongue moved over her secret spot, her resistance turned into pleasure. Lost in her taste and scent, I continued moving my tongue deeply.

“You’re doing so much for me…” she said shyly, but I quickened my tongue’s movements to heighten her pleasure further. She began to moan louder, her body trembling as she reached her climax.

“I can’t stop… more, more…!” she gasped, continuing to crave me. Responding to her desires, I entered her in the missionary position. Feeling her beautiful body moving above me, we felt a deep connection.

Changing to doggy style, I watched her slender body move gracefully in front of me as I thrust deeply into her. Her voice grew louder as I increased my pace.

Finally, she rode me in the cowgirl position, her beautiful body moving up and down, speeding up until her face flushed, and her whole body shook.

“I’m going to come…!” she cried out, reaching her climax, her body trembling on top of me. Her face and voice filled with pleasure were the ultimate turn-on for me. Hiko buried her face in my chest, calming her trembling body.

“Thank you for such a wonderful night,” she said quietly. We stayed embraced, feeling each other’s warmth as the night deepened.

Through this night, our relationship deepened and became more intimate. Sensing the hidden eroticism beneath Hiko’s chaste exterior, we forged a new bond.